9 Productivity Tools for Non-Technical Professionals in 2022


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Every individual in the world wants to maximise time and effort. Productivity tools help manage expectations, deliver outstanding results, and finish tasks with less distraction and focus.

In this article, we will cover:

  1. What are productivity tools?
  2. The best productivity tools
  3. Tab Copy
  4. Notion
  5. Trello
  6. Dropbox Paper
  7. Loom
  8. Slack
  9. Calendly
  10. Grammarly
  11. Monosnap
  12. Let’s get started.

What are productivity tools?

Productivity tools are tools that make work more efficient when working individually or working with a team. Many companies have adopted work from home in this era, where the world is battling a coronavirus pandemic (WFH). It has afforded employees a lot of tools to achieve their goals. 

The best productivity tools

Some of the productivity tools worth considering in your workflow are as follows:

1. Tab Copy

Why is Tab Copy useful to non-tech professionals? Tab Copy is a Chrome extension that you can install in your browser that helps you quickly copy tabs to the clipboard. Tab Copy will help you stay productive by keeping your multitude of open tabs saved for later in an app like Notion or any other note-taking app. With this method, you can permanently close all your tabs in your browsers, and you can rest assured it is saved somewhere else for use later.


Other features

  • You can copy a single tab or all tabs
  • Save links to open tabs only

Availability: Chrome browser

2. Notion

Notion is a collaborative tool for notes, docs, wikis, and projects. You can use it alone, in a team, or within an entire company. Also, Notion use cases are unlimited, and you are not bound to one workflow as there are templates you can use to create anything you can imagine.


Get started for free here.

Other features

  • Onboard new employees
  • You can integrate third-party apps to track your daily task like Trello
  • Create documents, organise notes
  • Thinking of creating a personal page for yourself (website), Notion can handle it

Availability: Web, desktop, and mobile apps

3. Trello

Trello serves as a to-do and project management team tool to create boards that represent projects. For an easy understanding of the usefulness of Trello in your team, it will allow you to track the progress of different tasks done. 

Using Trello, team members can work on tasks and comments, create labels, due dates, and attachments to the boards. Upon completing tasks, you can move the cards to the done column of the board.

In addition, Trello can integrate with third-party apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, Notion, depending on your team or what you want to achieve.


Other features

  • Never lose track of work: sync with all your devices
  • Built-in automation

Availability: Web, desktop, and mobile apps

4. Dropbox Paper

According to the official website, Paper is a free product from Dropbox. And Dropbox Paper is more than a doc as it offers users the ability to create and coordinate their workflow at one pace together.


Other features

  • Export doc as pdf, Docx, and md file extensions
  • Invite anyone to edit and update Dropbox files
  • Keep files in sync with all your devices
  • Turn Paper doc into presentation mode

Availability: Web, desktop, and mobile apps

5. Loom

Are you pressed for time when you don’t have the luxury to type a wall of text? With Loom, you can make videos and share them on the go with a shareable link. As with all great communication tools, Loom allows you and your team to communicate wherever you are.


Other features

  • Educational purpose, e.g. tutorial
  • Remote work communication
  • Create informative videos for customers
  • Embed calls-to-actions on your website using videos

Availability: Web, desktop, and mobile apps

6. Slack

Slack is a great collaborative and communication tool that can make your entire team productive by organised spaces called channels. Communicating with Slack has been redefined in real-time, and it can integrate with everyday tools like Google Drive, Calendly, and Dropbox, to name a few.


Availability: Web, desktop, and mobile apps

7. Calendly

Are you scheduling your next meeting or appointment? Calendly is a free online appointment scheduling tool that can help eliminate the back and forth emails you exchange with participants. Calendly can handle everything for you without hassle.

With the help of this tool, Calendly can help you focus on your work and allow anyone to schedule a meeting from the available time slot on your Calendly account, indicating the hours you are free. 

In addition, Calendly integrates well with communication tools like Zoom, Google Meet, and with Google Calendar, you can set a reminder of the scheduled meeting.


Other features

  • Automate reminders and follow-ups
  • Make more connections and reduce cancellations

Availability: Web and mobile apps

8. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best productivity tools you should have in your toolbox as a professional. With its AI-powered writing assistant, Grammarly offers users the ability to write clear, concise, error-free copies, ultimately improving written communication skills.


Other features

  • Points out suggestions in your write-up
  • Grammarly integrates across social media, email and messaging as well as document apps 
  • It helps to check plagiarised content

Availability: Web, desktop, and mobile apps

9. Monosnap

Monosnap is a visual tool that allows you to share screenshots and videos of your daily routine. With its over 1 million users worldwide, Monosnap integrates with a lot of your favorite tools like AWS Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive and a lot more.


Other features

  • Record mp4 videos or GIFs
  • Trim videos like a pro after recording

Availability: macOS, PC, and Google Chrome extension 

Final Thoughts on the Best Productivity Tools in 2022

Choosing the right productivity tool for work should depend on the team decision and how familiar the tool is for everyone. Productivity should not be an afterthought but should be at the front and centre of your selection process. 



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