ALL CAPS, New Teammates, and Canada’s Murder Hotspots


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This Slogging thread by Limarc, Amy, Hang, Linh, Ellen, richard-kubina, Katarina, Jeferson Borba, Marcos Fabian, Arthur and Daria occurred in hackernoon’s official #general channel, and has been edited for readability.

Welcome Ellen to the team! She’ll be joining as of today as an Editorial Assistant helping us manage Digg, Den, and other communities we partner with.

She’ll also be helping Hang with newsletter proofreading and editing.

She is a fellow Canadian Amy so now we’re taking over 😎

Please introduce yourself briefly Ellen and welcome to the team!


Hey welcome Ellen


^ for amy’s all caps




Amy en route to scare everyone with her all caps lol

i got scared of all caps from literally anyone else EXCEPT AMY.

And welcome Ellen! Happy to have you here ❤

Hello everyone! Thank you for the warm welcome! ❤ I’m Ellen, I’m located in TBay, Ontario, Canada. I’m not sure what else I should mention haha

Ohhh another Canadian murder hot spot 😂

close enough

how about adding a profile picture for starters so we know you’re not an alien? Ellen

Haha, sounds good! Will do that now! We win that Amy. You can’t take that from Winnipeg


Sorry for this strange welcome. :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: I blame amy

Yes Winnipeg will always be Canada’s murder capital but Thunder Bay also seems scary af LOL


No, this is great, I think I’ll fit in haha

Hello Ellen, and welcome ✨ ✨ ✨

Hello Ellen, welcome to the team \õ/

I’m just trying to catch up on all my reactions to the responses haha. Thanks for the tune Richard! Where is everyone located?

Hey Ellen, Glad to have you on the team. 😎

I’m in Oxford, Michigan, hour north of Detroit

HELLO from the most beautiful. least murdery part of Canada – Vancouver ✨

Edwards, Colorado for me and david ❤ i don’t love the cold (i’m from vietnam) BUT the summer here is the most beautiful you will see in any place in the world and im not biased at all!!!

Sad to say I’m from NYC. The good thing about it is nothing, and I cannot wait to move somewhere else. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oxford makes me think of books and intellect! Vancouver is beautiful, I’m dying to go. There are too many breathtaking spots there. I’ve seen photos and it’s absolutely on top of the list for me. I’ve heard really good things about Colorado, I’m pretty sure my Advertising prof was obsessed with an ad agency based there – maybe I’m wrong it was a while ago– but it sounds like a really well-balanced and healthy place to live. Marcos, I’m surprised to hear you’re not pleased with NYC. It’s such a grand place haha. Everything is so massive. I thought I knew epic after becoming familiar with Toronto, but NYC so larger than life. At least that was my experience when I went there.

Wait til you see Tokyo Ellen 😄

So next level. I want to go. The tech is probably surreal, especially on the backdrop of the historical elements. I also heard there are really unique vending machines there haha

yes like so if you’re lucky you will meet nice Japanese people who just buy you water at the airport because you have no ideas how the machines work LOL

hahaha good to know

Suntory Boss is the Boss of them all since 1992

Limarc are suntory boss coffee vending machines all over Tokyo? I remember seeing a lot of those in Kumamoto and liked that phrase and the logo

Pretty much every machine that has coffee yes. It’s the most popular canned coffee brand

I’m late. Huuuge welcome from Ukraine.

Do you have snoring dog? We need one for our next meeting

Haha technically I do, but Snowball lives with my mom, so it’s pretty much her dog now. So for the meeting all I can offer is birds chirping. Thank you for the welcome! What city in Ukraine?

^– Daria

I’m located in Kharkiv right now(right corner of our local map)

Welcome to the team Ellen and one more warm welcome from Ukraine! I’ve been living in Kyiv for the last 5 years, and planning to come back soon from Vienna (where i’m located currently) to Kyiv again 🙃

That’s incredible, small world!

This is an absolutely legendary welcome thread. I love it. 10/10 I felt so happy haha, it was like jumping into a conversation with a bunch of my friends. Yet we were only doing introductions. It’s perfect.

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