An Ode To Angular JS as It Embraces the End of Life

In remembrance of my first love.

Your LTS finally came to an end. You retired on 31st December 2021. You will always have a special place in my heart.

You arrived with great anticipation,
    Put the web dev world upside down;
Model, View and Controller were in separation,
    Even Javascript beginners didn’t frown.

Be it JavaScript, CoffeeScript or SCSS,
    You handled them all in a snap;
Grunt helped you to transpile and compress,
    The only thing needed was an ng-app.

You were patient with faulty code,
    Throwing errors with the where and why;
Did selectors return a wrong DOM node?
    Did watchers kill the CPU workload?
        Did a variable on $scope get overshadowed?
Maybe the external callback needs an $apply!
    Maybe $inject lacks used params to minify!
        Maybe avoid $rootScope for all events passing by!

You were either praised or attacked,
    Yet, you advanced and left doubters behind;
Daily flame wars you fought against react,
    Until the day window.angular became undefined.

Also published here.

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