BREAKING: Pedigree pups turn to life of crime following war with cats!


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A pack of 10,000 Canines—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain

The baddest NFT collection around is set to launch in a matter of days, 24th August 2021. This drop allows collectors to battle their Canine Cartel NFT’s, get virtual tattoos (or a real one) and donate to dog charities – so what are you waiting for? 

Calling all dog fans – are you prepared to join the Cartel? We are pleased to announce the most badass collection on the blockchain: Canine Cartel. These mutts are fighters – they take no $*%! from anyone and they run the Cartel. Feline foes ran the show, before a leader amongst dogs, El Doge, was able to rally each and every pack – he had ​​Shih Tzus fighting alongside Shibas, Doberman with Dachshunds and more. Together, the Cartel battled for weeks, months and years before the great war was finally won: the Canines had driven the cats out and the Cartel took over – thanks to their legendary leader, El Doge, now known as The General.  

The Canine Cartel is made up of 10,000 crazy mutts. Each Canine NFT is a unique ERC-721 digital collectible living on the Ethereum blockchain, with the opportunity to do much more than admire your NFT. By owning a Canine Cartel NFT you are granted access to the Tattoo Parlour – you can get your mutt inked and prove your loyalty to the Cartel! With three to choose from, you can really customize your canine. No other NFT project on the market has a feature like this – customisable NFTs are a truly groundbreaking feature, exclusive to the Canine Cartel.  

After the sellout, The Pound opens its doors. The Pound is an arena where you can battle your canine against other collectors – the risks are high but the rewards are sweet. Do you have the guts?

Canine Cartel isn’t all blood, sweat and tears though – the first 10 ETH generated from the project will be donated to dog shelters, to make sure that pups off the blockchain can have as much fun as the Cartel. There are other exclusive benefits for holders too: fan fiction comic strips, Canine Cartel merch for your IRL pup and much, much more.

If you want to be the first pooch to the party, then get yourself into the Cigar Lounge, an exclusive Discord channel for loco Labradors only! 

There are multiple layers of rarity embedded in these Canines, ten breeds exist in the cartel, all of whom are made up of 1000 individual traits in a variety of exciting combinations! Ruff Said! Get involved before this collection sells out!

About Canine Cartel: 

These pups are modelled after ten different breeds of dog and are programmatically generated by a random combination of hundreds of traits. Each is totally unique and can be named by their owner, once we hit the 90% sales mark. Just like a dog tag, that name will be seen by anyone who interacts with the Canine on the blockchain.


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