Hacking Weight Loss Once And For All [Infographic]


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Many people are concerned about their weight and therefore try to find ways to lose the excess weight.  However, weight loss is rarely a simple feat.  It is made harder when few doctors even know how to address the topic of weight loss as less than 50% of physicians in the U.S. have the proper training to give the best advice.  

As a result, there is a growing need for a better way to address weight loss that is safe, effective, and professional as several overweight patients do not get the treatment they need due to being judged by their primary care doctors.  Studies done by Johns Hopkins show that overweight patients are more likely to switch doctors often, and researchers believe that unpleasant comments and unwelcomed weight advice play a role.  This causes a probability of at least 85% of these overweight patients to ultimately land in the emergency room compared to normal-weight patients. 

Many doctors also do not prescribe weight loss prescriptions to the majority of eligible patients even though there are many safe and effective options available, such as phentermine (which was first FDA-approved in 1959) and semaglutide.

Mental health issues caused by weight concerns can additionally affect people’s health and the ability to lose weight.  Mental illnesses can cause toxic stress that impacts the brain’s ability to function leading to problems with anxiety, impulsivity, mood control, and impaired memory, making it more difficult to maintain motivation and adopt necessary behaviors that will help with weight loss. 

Obesity leads to a death rate three times greater than that of the overall population while slowing down the metabolism to the point that losing weight and keeping it off becomes almost impossible.  

Depression can have a significant effect on weight as well.  Living with depression can make people feel hungrier than they usually do or lose their appetite.  Depression can even lead to food addictions that cause similar physical patterns and behaviors to those that form from substance abuse.  

With more attention to weight loss tactics now more than ever, a new approach to weight loss is necessary that can help people where they are in their weight loss journey and for the long term.  




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