Learn Data Science, Launch Your New Career with Dataquest

Data professionals are in demand, and the opportunities are growing, but breaking into the field can feel overwhelming. Data science is everywhere, and data professionals work in every imaginable industry, but you’ll need a few skills before you can start a new career in data science — or advance in your existing career. That’s where Dataquest comes in.

With Dataquest, you can learn the skills you need to succeed in a data-driven world.
Dataquest is the top-rated online platform for learning in-demand data skills like Python programming, SQL, machine learning, and more! We’ve helped thousands of learners just like you grow their careers and launch whole new careers in data science.

Here’s how it works: Dataquest offers dozens of different hands-on courses and interactive projects, covering data skills at levels from total beginner to advanced practitioner. We know that people learn best by doing, so instead of asking you to sit through lecture videos, we teach with bite-sized text explanations and diagrams, side by side with a live coding interface where you’ll work with real data. When you get stuck, there’s a welcoming, active learner community to give you personalized help anytime you need it.

You work through courses at your own pace, and at the end of most courses you’ll find a guided project that challenges you to use your new skills to analyze a new dataset as you build a portfolio project.

So, how do you know where to start? We’ve arranged our courses in paths, which are groups of courses that we have carefully built as specific sequences, so that each course builds on and reinforces what you learned in the courses before. If you know you want to learn a specific skill, you can choose one of our skill paths. They’re short course sequences designed to help even total beginners learn and master a new skill, like Python programming or querying a database with SQL

If you’re looking to start a new career, check out our career paths, which walk you through a longer sequence of courses that is tailor-made to get you from total beginner to job-qualified as a data analyst, data scientist, or data engineer.

Best of all, every introductory lesson on Dataquest is free. Sign up now and you’ll be writing and running code in under five minutes.

Learn the world’s most in-demand data skills on the platform that learners love. 


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