Python for Beginners, Part 2: Hello World Exercise


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We cover the most basic ‘hello world’ exercise! This will be fun and now you are on your way to an exciting journey!

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00:00 Okay guys, back to where we left off.

00:02 So, we just did some simple stuff in Python,

00:06 right, we can print stuff by doing this.

00:09 And then it prints it out to the screen.

00:11 That’s cool.00:13Now, what we wanna do is we want to take it

00:15 to a little bit of a next level.

00:17 I want you to come up here and select “New File.”

00:22 This brings up this file, here.

00:25 Let’s go back to our other screen.

00:28 And let us simply put this to the right side.

00:33 Let’s put this to the left side.

00:36 And, what I wanna do is I want to write a few things here,

00:39 like “print hello,”

00:42 “print monkeys eat bananas all the time.”

00:50 And then I want to say-

00:53 And notice how I’m putting these quotes.

00:55 We will learn a little bit more about that later.

00:57 And then I can say “print five times 25.”

01:02 Okay.

01:06 And I am gonna run this.

01:08 So I’m gonna save this first.

01:11 You can save it anywhere you would like.

01:14 Let’s, for our purposes, let’s save it in our desktop.

01:18 Or, let’s do one better and let’s go here

01:22 and let’s call this “practice exercises”

01:26 and we will save it in here, printing.

01:31 And I’m going to go to “Run” and hit “Python Shell.”

01:37 And here you’re going to see what happens.

01:38 I’m gonna say “Run” and actually “run module.”

01:41 So I’m going to say “run module.”

01:42 That just means run this whole thing that we just wrote.

01:45 So let’s run it, let’s check out what happens.

01:48 Boom.

01:49 On the left hand side, it ran our entire file.

01:52 On the left hand side,

01:54 everything you type in

01:55 (keyboard clicking)

01:58 gives you the result right away.

01:59 So you can write four times eight, 20 times 6,

02:03 but on the right hand side,

02:05 notice when I press enter nothing happens.

02:07 So, you’re kind of writing a story here,

02:10 that’s how I like to think of it.

02:12 You’re writing kind of a novel.

02:13 And this is almost you having a conversation with Python.

02:17 You’re like, “Hey Python, what’s up?”

02:19 or in Python’s language, eight times eight.

02:23 And Python is like “64.”

02:25 Here, Python is not listening to you.

02:27 You write out your entire whatever you want to write,

02:30 and then you send it over to Python,

02:32 and then Python responds to all of that.

02:36 Almost like you’re sending an Email to Python

02:39 and Python is sitting there,

02:40 and once it sees your Email it’ll type stuff back to you.

02:45 Okay, let’s run it again just to check what happens.

02:48 And I will run, and you can see that it runs

02:51 all of that at the same time.

02:54 So, what I wanna do is

02:57 I wanna give you guys a little problem.

02:59 And the problem is: How would you print

03:01 “Hello World?”

03:03 And I want to be able to test this for you guys.

03:06 So what I have done is I have set up something kind of cool.

03:10 I want you to go on,

03:12 open a new tab,

03:14 I want you to go to

03:14 clever programmer dot com.

03:16 And once you’re here,

03:18 I want you to click on “learn Python for beginners.”

03:21 Notice that it’s free.

03:23 So, simply go to that.

03:25 And here I’ve put together a little exercise for you guys.

03:28 So, once you start this course,

03:30 you can feel free to watch all of this on YouTube,

03:33 it’s available for free.

03:35 If you want, you can also go to my website.

03:39 And here it’ll give you a little progress bar and everything,

03:42 you can comment and I can respond to you as well.

03:44 And here, this is where I’ll also put

03:46 all of the exercises.

03:48 So if you guys want to follow along this course

03:50 and do the exercises, this is where you can come

03:52 and find them.

03:53 So let’s click exercise one and start.

03:56 Now, notice you have a quiz here.

03:58 It says “How do you print out “Hello, World!”

04:01 So, I’m now going to answer that for you here.

04:04 Although I’m sure you can figure out.

04:06 And we want it to look exactly like this in Python 3.

04:10 Just a little bit about Python 3 versus Python 2,

04:13 is if you do this in Python 3,

04:17 you’re gonna get an error.

04:18 So, let’s just try it out on the left hand side.

04:20 Let’s say “print 10.”

04:23 You can see that we get an error.

04:25 And if I do “print 10”

04:27 I don’t get an error.

04:29 So in Python 3, this is the correct way of doing it.

04:31 In Python 2, you can do it just like this

04:35 and it actually will not give you an error, okay?

04:37 Just something for you to know.

04:39 So here, I want you to select the correct answer.

04:42 And another thing I made for you guys is

04:44 if you click this link,

04:48 what I’ve put together is so simple.

04:52 You’ll have to sign up, it’ll be really short.

04:55 And once you’re done doing that, just click on

04:56 exercise one.

04:57 And on the right hand side,

04:59 you see that I want you to print out “Hello, World!”

05:03 Alright, so now that you’re here,

05:05 let’s type in something like “print 25 times 63”

05:10 and let’s run it.

05:12 It gives me 1575.

05:13 Great, let’s hit submit.

05:14 Let’s see what happens.

05:16 Oh, whoops.

05:17 It says “Output mismatch” and you’ve failed

05:20 to answer it correctly.

05:24 So you can click “What’s wrong?”

05:26 and it’ll kind of tell you what the answer is,

05:28 or you can hit submit anyway,

05:30 and then it might also tell you what the answer is.

05:32 But, I want you to try to figure it out.

05:34 And I’m sure you probably already have.

05:36 So I’m not going to tell you what the answer is,

05:38 but once you write the correct answer,

05:40 it’ll give you a little green thumbs up

05:41and say “Hey, good job, you got it.”

05:43 So now I want you try it,05:46and I’ll see you in the next video.



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