Top Conferences for Data Professionals

When it comes to data science, we all know one great way of developing knowledge and skills is to simply dive in and do the work. However, there is another way to flatten the learning curve in the data science field, and it’s by learning from more experienced and successful data professionals who can share their expertise and teach you the tricks of the trade. One of the best possible ways to access this kind of opportunity is to attend data science conferences.

There are many of these conferences all around the world, both in-person and virtual. These conferences bring industry leaders and prominent data professionals together to learn, share ideas, and develop career skills. If you’re a data professional of any kind, attending data science conferences can be the best way to develop technical skills, expand your professional network, and stay on the cutting edge of the latest developments in data science. 

Here are the top seven upcoming data science conferences you should know about:

When: Nov 16 – 18, 2021

Where: Virtual and in-person, San Francisco

Pricing: $399 – $1,699

The Open Data Science Conference is one of the leading conferences for machine learning and data science. This year, OSDC hosts its first-ever hybrid conference combining in-person sessions and hands-on training with innovative and insightful virtual sessions. Over a three-day conference attended by 1,700 companies and over 6,000 other attendees, you’ll work through 80 training sessions and workshops and 300 hours of content.

When: Nov 15 – 18, 2021

Where: Partially virtual and in-person, Orlando

Pricing: $1,535- $3,535

Over four days, Transforming Data With Intelligence will offer you 40 in-person courses, of which 24 will also be available virtually. These courses will enhance your skills in BI and analytics, data science and machine learning, data literacy and data visualization, data modeling and data governance, data warehouses and data lakes, architecture, and more. With a “choose your own training agenda” option, you’ll benefit from this conference whether you’re a fresher or a seasoned professional.

When: Nov 3 – 4, 2021

Where: Virtual

Pricing: Free for qualified applicants, $395 general registration

The Ai4 2021 Enterprise AI Summit brings together business leaders and data professionals to facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Throughout the two-day conference, you’ll hear from nearly 20 speakers from leading organizations that are actively involved in enterprise artificial intelligence and machine learning projects. This is an “application only” conference, and it will allow you to connect with other leaders of enterprise AI initiatives to gain AI-focused enterprise-level insights.

When: May 12 – 13, 2022

Where: In-person, Chicago

Pricing: Pricing starts at $900

The Data Science Conference is a sponsor- and vendor-free event, and it provides a space where analytics professionals can network and share ideas without feeling like they’re being propositioned. Its “no photo/video/recording/broadcasting” policy has earned it a reputation as an event where data professionals can share information that they might not broadcast otherwise. This conference concentrates on skill development, knowledge sharing, and networking. It’s for professionals, by professionals.

When: July 17 – 23, 2022

Where: In-person, Baltimore, MD

At the International Conference on Machine Learning, you’ll discover the latest cutting-edge research concerning all aspects of machine learning and its role in artificial intelligence, statistics, data science, and other related fields. ICML participants transcend a wide range of backgrounds to network, share ideas, and learn about the most exciting developments in machine learning and its real-world applications.

When: Feb 17 – 18, 2022

Where: Virtual and in-person, San Francisco

Pricing: Starting at $595

This two-day summit will feature 90 leading speakers. Here, you’ll discover the latest technological advancements and real-world applications of Deep Learning, Enterprise AI, and AI Ethics. Join hundreds of other participants in learning how recent breakthroughs in AI are shaping the future and making profound impacts on business and society.

When: Apr 25 – 29, 2022

Where: Virtual

The International Conference on Learning Representations is one of the fastest-growing AI conferences in the world. At this conference, you’ll cover a wide array of AI topics, from metric learning and compositional modeling to structured prediction and reinforcement learning to issues regarding large-scale learning and non-convex optimization. Along the way, you’ll get the chance to grow your professional network. You’ll meet researchers, entrepreneurs, engineers, students, post-doctorates, and everything in between! If you’re interested in the explosive growth of AI and deep learning, this might be the conference for you.

These are just a few of the many upcoming data science conferences you can choose from to develop your career path. There are so many options available today, especially with the wide use of virtual events, that you have a chance like never before to come into contact with leading voices in the industry. Take advantage of these conferences to gain valuable insights and open new opportunities. If you’re an aspiring data professional, we strongly encourage you to consider participating in one of our top seven picks. 


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